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State of American Mom 2009
Press Release

“State of the American Mom” Report Released Today:
Sweeping Study Outlines How Mothers are Changing their Spending in Tough Times

CHICAGO (October 30, 2009) - American mothers are the engine of the consumer economy, and while they continue to carefully budget money for their families, there is one area in which their spending has stalled – on products and services for themselves.

A new study by the Marketing to Moms Coalition, a not-for-profit industry group, reveals that mothers are sacrificing purchases for their own use in order to ensure their families get what they need. For example, seventy two percent of survey respondents say they gave up on the quality of new clothes they buy, while 51% cut back on health and beauty product quality. Yet the majority of mothers say they are not scrimping on the quality of their children’s’ food, medical needs and clothing.

The annual State of the American Mom Report is a nationally representative sample of 1,225 moms with kids under 18 years old living in the home. It includes both English-speaking mothers and Spanish-speaking mothers in the U.S. Findings were analyzed by the research firm Insight to Action, and include valuable information for marketers such as:

  • An overwhelming majority of moms (78%) have cut back on household spending this year.
  • Moms are sacrificing quality for value in everyday expenditures
  • 61% of moms are focused more on the environment this year
  • More than half of all moms are making special trips to retailers that offer the best price
  • Majority of moms (58%) are making more home-cooked meals
  • 77% are using more leftovers
  • 39% are on Facebook, while 11% are on Twitter
  • Majority of moms plan to spend more than $600 on holiday gifts this year

The study, which is available to the public for purchase, was conducted in the second quarter of this year, and covers a range of insights and information, including mothers’ media habits (both traditional and online); their computer usage; their consumption habits and priorities; their attitudes toward shopping and marketing; and the influence of their children in product purchases. Those interested in purchasing the report should contact Michal Clements at

About The Marketing to Moms Coalition
The Marketing to Moms Coalition is the only industry group dedicated to furthering an understanding of America’s most powerful consumers.  A not-for-profit organization, the group’s goal is to share knowledge and insights about moms to help marketers create programs that engage and empower this driving force of the American economy.  More information about the coalition can be found at The founders of the coalition are Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media; Bridget Brennan, CEO of Female Factor; Michal Clements, Managing Partner, Insight to Action; Amy Colton, Senior Vice President, Current Marketing; and Teri Lucie Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer, Purdue University.

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