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Holiday Shopping 2009
Press Release

Moms Holiday Shopping Plans Previewed
How Much Will She Spend? Depends on How Old the Kids Are, Survey Shows

Chicago, Ill. (September 10, 2009) – All eyes are on moms this holiday season to see how much they will buy and what will it mean for the U.S. economic recovery. The Marketing to Moms Coalition, a nonprofit industry group, surveyed 1,225 moms with children under 18 living at home and found that most moms plan to spend the same amount this year compared to last year, though moms are likely to spend more money if their kids are older. “The good news is that spending looks like it will at least be consistent, if not a tiny bit better this holiday compared to last year,” said Maria Bailey, founding member of Marketing to Moms Coalition. “The big trends we see from moms are around toys, clothing and books as hot gifts for all age groups, while bigger ticket items like computers and cell phones will likely decrease compared to last year’s holiday season.”

Gifts Vary by Kids’ Age Groups – Teens Top Spending
Overall, moms will spend $672 on holiday gifts this year, consistent with last year’s spending levels. The hot gifts for young children are toys (51%), clothing (29%), books (26%), movies (23%) and video games (8%). Top gift choices for children aged 7 to 12 are video games (30%), toys (29%), books/clothing (tied at 28%), movies (25%) and music (20%). Popular gifts for teens are music/music electronics (28%), clothing (27%), gift cards (23%), beauty products/video games (21%), and movies (19%). Compared to the total sample of moms, moms of teens plan to spend the most on holiday gifts. Big ticket electronic product like computers and cell phones will likely see a decrease in holiday sales this year. Of moms who plan to buy a gift for 7-12 year olds, 15% fewer will buy computers this year, while 5% fewer moms plan to buy computers for teenagers.

Where Mom Will Shop
The majority of Moms plan to shop at mass merchandisers/super centers for the holidays (85%), although that is down 2 percent from 2008. Anticipated holiday shopping this year has increased significantly for department stores (up 10% to 47% in 2009) and electronics stores (up 13% to 41% in 2009). Of all retailers, shoe stores seem to be taking the hardest hit in 2009 – down 8 percent versus last year. Moms with higher household income ($75,000+) plan to shop at a wider variety of retailers, including department, specialty clothing, club and sporting goods stores, while those with lower incomes skew to dollar stores. Compared to other ethnic groups, English speaking Hispanic moms are more likely to shop at electronics stores, while African American moms are more likely to hit dollar and shoe stores.

Buying Online Still Part of the Plan
Consistent with last year, most moms will do a lot of their shopping online this year. Sixteen percent of Moms plan to do 50 percent or more of their holiday shopping online. Moms with higher education and higher household income are consistently planning to do more of their shopping online than other moms. Toys (41%), clothing/clothing accessories (38%) and music/movies (34%) are the top three items Moms plan to buy online for the 2009 holidays.

About The Marketing to Moms Coalition
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