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State of American Mom 2007
Press Release

Marketing to Moms Coalition Study Shows what’s on Moms’ Minds Heading into 2008
Holiday Shopping Trends Revealed

November 15, 2007, CHICAGO, IL -- Despite all of the highly publicized efforts to fight childhood obesity and promote physical fitness among kids, a new study shows that these topics fall low on the list of concerns among moms in this country. The 2007 State of American Moms Report was released today, revealing what’s on the minds of America’s most important consumer segment – mothers with children under 18.
The 2007 State of the American Mom report was commissioned by the Marketing to Moms Coalition, an independent industry group dedicated to helping corporations understand the needs and desires of mom, and their status as the most important consumer segment in the U.S. -- responsible for more than $2.1 trillion in spending today. The large scale study surveyed a nationally representative group of 1,279 moms. Among key findings, the top five priorities for moms in order of importance include:

  1. Her relationship with her children
  2. Quality of education and teachers
  3. Safety – in the physical world as well as online
  4. Drug and alcohol use prevention
  5. Healthy eating and exercise

Which Moms Attend Most Kid’s Extracurricular Events, Rely Most on Cell Phones
The State of the American Mom also shows a shift in perception among working moms vs. stay at home mothers. Surprisingly, more working mothers say they attend their child’s school and extracurricular events than mothers who do not work outside of the home. Also of note, African American mothers are the highest cell phone users in the group – relying on technology to talk to their children more frequently throughout the day. In addition to top-of-mind priorities, children’s scheduling and cell phone use, the Report also examines allowance practices, kid’s purchasing power and pester influence on categories ranging from restaurants to home computers to food, as well as extracurricular activity participation.

2007 Holiday Shopping Trends Revealed
According to the report more than one quarter of moms (45%) started their holiday shopping in September and October, while 39% percent will start heading to stores in November. A few procrastinators – or savvy last-minute sales shoppers – don’t begin buying until December (13%). The average mom will spend $700 this year on holiday presents Moms of teens spend slightly more ($835), while mothers of children under six will spend slightly less ($664).

Kids Get Cash to Pick Out Presents, Too
Moms aren’t the only ones to get in on the holiday shopping – nearly three fourths (72%) of mothers plan to provide their kids with their own spending money to pick out presents. According to the report, mom typically doles out an average of $50 for her kids’ shopping – teenagers usually get more ($74) while the little kids get a bit less ($37).

About The 2007 State of American Mom Report
The Report’s findings include responses from a nationally representative sample of more than 1,200 mothers living in the United States with children under the age of 18 living at home. Data was analyzed by level of opinion leadership, parenting style as well as level of education. The results were analyzed by the members of the Marketing to Moms Coalition, and the Chicago-based research firm Insights Into Action, Inc.  An outline of the report is available at, and the full report is available - for purchase for $5,000.

About the Marketing to Moms Coalition
The Marketing to Moms Coalition is an independent organization dedicated to supporting and promoting an understanding of mothers as the most powerful consumer group in the U.S. A resource to industry professionals, the Coalition provides insights, identifies trends, connects members and recognizes companies and brands that honor, empower and respect mothers. The Coalition's founding members are Maria Bailey, BSM Media; Bridget Brennan, Female Factor; Michal Clements, Insight to Action; Amy Colton, Current Lifestyle Marketing; and Teri Lucie Thompson, Safeco Insurance.

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