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Press Releases

State of the American Mom 2012
Press Release
The annual SOAM Report has been released, revealing insightful new data about mothers' opinions on a variety of topics and issues.

Cozi Wins 2012 H.E.R. Award
Press Release
The Marketing to Moms Coalition announces that Cozi has won the sixth annual H.E.R. Award, recognizing companies that honor, empower and respect mothers.

2012 H.E.R. Award Nominations
Press Release
The Marketing to Moms Coalition is seeking nominations for the 2012 HER Awards. The Coalition is dedicated to recognizing companies that honor, empower, and respect moms.

Back to School 2011
Press Release - July 5, 2011
Family budgets are getting tighter heading into the back-to-school spending season this fall. In fact, most moms plan to cut spending by 7 percent.

Quaker Oats Wins 2011 H.E.R. Award
Press Release - June 23, 2011
The Marketing to Moms Coalition announces that Quaker Oats has won the fifth annual H.E.R. Award, recognizing companies that honor, empower and respect mothers.

Back to School 2010
Press Release
Moms plan to cut back on their school shopping this Fall, especially when it comes to clothing for kids, according to a new survey of 1,275 moms nationwide.

State of American Mom 2009
Press Release
American mothers are the engine of the consumer economy and while they continue to budget money for their families, there is one area in which their spending has stalled.

Holiday Shopping 2009
Press Release
All eyes are on moms this holiday season to see how much they will buy and what will it mean for the U.S. economic recovery.

Back to School 2009
Press Release
Moms will spend less on traditional school supplies this year, but slightly more on clothing and electronics, according to a survey by the Marketing to Moms Coalition.

Technology Habits of American Moms
Press Release
Move over, Junior, Mom needs to check her email. In a study released at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show, US mothers revealed some surprising habits.

Super Bowl 2009
Press Release
With millions of marketing dollars being dedicated to Super Bowl ads and promotions, a new study is telling marketers they may be missing the boat.

Holiday Shopping 2008
Press Release
American mothers have confirmed in a recent study what retailers are fearing: they plan to spend less money on holiday presents this year.

Moms' Media Habits Survey
Press Release
The evening news may be taking a dip in the ratings, but a new survey of moms shows that it's still the most-trusted source of information.

State of American Mom 2007
Press Release
Despite all of the highly publicized efforts to fight childhood obesity and promote physical fitness among kids, a new study shows that these topics fall low on the list.

Holiday Shopping 2007
Press Release
Moms are getting a jump on holiday shopping this year - buying for Christmas and Hannukah even long before Halloween, according to a new study.

Back to School 2007
Press Release
Back to school creates new family priorities, plans and resolutions. It's also not cheap, according to a new study released today by the Marketing to Moms Coalition.

Super Bowl 2008
Press Release
She buys the beer, sets out the chips and plans the party, but a new survey shows that most moms feel uninvited to the Super Bowl.