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June 6, 2012

Marketing to Moms Coalition Names Cozi Best Marketer to Moms
"I'm on Top of It Day" Campaign Receives 2012 Award from Marketing to Moms Coalition

CHICAGO – The Marketing to Moms Coalition announced today that Cozi is the recipient of the prestigious 2012 H.E.R. award for the "I'm on Top of It Day" campaign for its Cozi Web and mobile utility app. The H.E.R. award recognizes companies that Honor, Empower and Respect mothers through their marketing and public relations campaigns.

"The Cozi 'I'm on Top of It Day' campaign was grounded in rich customer insights and creatively used testimonials and social media to spread product launch news without a hefty marketing budget," said Teri Lucie Thompson, a founding member of the Marketing to Moms Coalition and Purdue University's Chief Marketing Officer. "Our research shows that one-on-one connections are essential for influencing moms' behaviors and decision making. This campaign provided moms a platform to share in an innovative way with great success."

The campaign championed moms' natural desire to share their successes in managing their busy lives. The idea for the campaign came from a weekly feature on the Cozi Facebook page, called Small Victory Friday, in which moms are asked to share their victory for the week. Based on the success of that feature, Cozi's marketing team realized how satisfying it is for moms to have a way to share their "victories" over the normally thankless tasks of managing family life.

Campaign elements included:

  • Clearly defined mom target: "Cozi Mom," a clearly defined target mom that Cozi described as a mom with 2+ kids with a packed schedule of activities, to do's and family responsibilities. She is notably selfless with her time and resources, preferring to spend time and money on her kids and family (or even charity) rather than on herself. She prides herself on doing the best she can for her family, whether it's planning meals or volunteering for her kids' sports teams, and even though she is doing a remarkable job of holding everything together, she thinks of herself as just muddling through.
  • "I'm On Top Of It" sweepstakes: Cozi families were invited to share how they use Cozi to "get on top" of family tasks. The promotion included an incentive of 10 prizes of $200 each (total $2,000 in prizes) to be awarded among entrants at random.
  • Social networking: Official entries were submitted via email, but interestingly, many entrants also posted their accomplishments via social networks, especially Facebook. The result was an avalanche of positive testimonials posted to the company page as well as on users' own networks. The campaign was promoted on Cozi's Facebook page, Twitter account and blog, as well as directly through email to subscribers.

The sign-up numbers were exceptionally strong during the promotion, and since word-of-mouth marketing is essential to Cozi's success, the team focused on tracking it carefully. After running the "I'm on Top of It Day" campaign, the percentage of people reporting that they heard about Cozi from friends or family rose from 14 percent to 18 percent, and after the campaign's second round, the number rose from 18 percent to 26 percent. In addition to excellent short-term results, the campaign yielded sustainable results, and the initial momentum continued over time. Additionally, Web sign-ups increased 60 percent in a year-to-year comparison of the same Back to School period.

"From the moment of sign-up, we ask 'How did you hear about Cozi?'" said Carol Schiller, Social Media Director, Cozi. "We were particularly gratified to see that not only did the numbers of people reporting a friend or family referral go up substantially during the promotion, but that we were able to sustain some of that bump over time."

For more information about the H.E.R. award and the Marketing to Moms Coalition, visit For more information about the Cozi promotion, log on to

About H.E.R. Awards

The Marketing to Moms Coalition is dedicated to recognizing companies that create high-impact marketing campaigns that honor, empower and respect mothers. Winners are chosen each April for a program that has been executed within the last 12 months.

About the Marketing to Moms Coalition

The Marketing to Moms Coalition is the only industry group dedicated to furthering an understanding of America's most powerful consumers. A not-for-profit organization, the group's goal is to share knowledge and insights about moms to help marketers create programs that engage and empower this driving force of the American economy.

About Cozi

Cozi is a free online organizer and mobile app that helps you manage the family schedule, organize shopping and to-do lists, and capture favorite memories - all in one place. Especially designed for busy families, Cozi is accessible from any computer, mobile phone or tablet. All you need to get started is a free account (, and because Cozi is shared, you only need one account for the whole family. Cozi was voted No. 1 Productivity App for Moms by Babble and No. 1 iPhone App for Moms by Circle of Moms editors!

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